461st plaque

461st Bombardment Group (H)

767th Nose Art

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Courtesy of Frank Connell

Aircraft #61 of the 767th Squadron.


Courtesy of Pat Piggee


Courtesy of Pat Piggee

Malfunction Sired by Ford


Courtesy of b24bestweb

Malfunction Sired By Ford

Ship No. -63

B-24H -10-DT

Serial No. - 41-28670

Finally!  A sharp picture of this plane!!  Still looking for crew members who flew her.  This aircraft was final-assembled by Douglas from knockdown kit supplied by Ford.


Courtesy Len Cole

Enhanced by Gerry Kersey

Tail Dragon

Ship No. -68


Serial No. - 42-94732

This aircraft was shot down on the 25 July 1944 raid to Linz with Edwin W. Bowyer in command.

Miss Carriage

Miss Carriage

Ship No. -73

B-24H -10-FO

Serial No. - 42-52399

Piloted by Lt. Gerald J. Maroney.  On a mission over Salon de Provence, a nest for JU-88's, heavy flak was encountered and the ship was hit twice.  Lt. Maroney tried to nurse the ship to Switzerland but eventually crashed in France.  All of the crew members made it safely out of the plane but most were picked up by Germans.  There is a story from a French Newspaper posted HERE.  See also Losses.  It seems this aircraft was initially named "Miss Carriage", but was later renamed "Flak Finder".

Omaha Ann


Courtesy of b24bestweb


Ship No. - 64


Serial No. - 41-29321

Temporary art, painted for Ann Haggerty from Omaha who had been corresponding with bombardier Paul Wagner of crew 62-1.  Some of the crew took part in writing her after Wagner received a "Dear John" letter meant for another man named Paul Wagner.  The art was part of a campaign to win "replacement" status for Lt. Wagner.  Returned to Zone of the Interior on 8 June 1945.

Purple Shaft

Purple Shaft

Ship No. -75


Serial No. - 42-52412

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Hot Toddy

Hot Toddy

Ship No. -69


Serial No. - 44-50882

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Red Head

Red Head

Ship No. - ??


Serial No. - 44-49501

Ditched, out of fuel, into the Adriatic on 1/31/45 with Delana in command.  See Losses.

 No 69


Courtesy of Chuck Parsonson

No 69 

Courtesy of Ann Ewing

No. 69

Ship No. - 69


Serial No. - 41-28836

As you can see, not all the aircraft of the 461st were named and had nose art.  This is one of the exceptions I've found.  The picture on the left shows two members of the ground crew for this aircraft.  The man on the left is Jimmy McMeans.  The photo on the right shows No. 69 returning from a flight to France.  The right engine is out and the crew feared they would not have enough fuel for a safe return to base so you can see them dumping ammunition.

The Mary E


Courtesy of Chuck Parsonson

The Mary E

Ship No. 71


Serial No. - 44-40592

If anyone can identify the men in this picture, let me know.  I suspect one of them might be Capt. Leffler, but I don't know for sure.



Courtesy of George Leffler

Wolf Den

Ship No. 72


Serial No. - 42-78267


From Stan Staples


Ship No. 77


Serial No. - 44-41044

#77 coming home with one engine out.


Courtesy of Jirka Černošek

Welcome Wagon

Ship No. 69


Serial No. - 42-51319

This aircraft was lost on 17 December 1944 with the Capalbo crew.  Does anyone know what the nose art is on this aircraft?  It looks like a teddy bear, but I can't quite make it out.


Hard Guy

Ship No. - 73


Serial No. - 41-28681


Courtesy of b24bestweb

Ship No. 65


Serial No. 42-51838



Ship No. 65


Serial No. 42-52407




Ship No. 61


Serial No. 44-41120