461st plaque

461st Bombardment Group (H)

Basiliere Ground Crew

Robert E. Basiliere Airplane Flight Chief Bob Basiliere
Elmer Smith Airplane Instrument Mechanic, Specialist Waiting for mission return
Maurice Young, Archie Mettler (All American), R.E. Fox, Jr. and Elmer Smith waiting for mission return.
Maurice Young Airplane and Engine Mechanic
R. E. Fox, Jr. Airplane and Engine Mechanic
Peter Cento Airplane Electrical Mechanic, Specialist R. E. Fox
Courtesy of  Wendy Fox Dial
Robert E. Fox Jr.
Walter Brown Armorer
Peter Tampas Airplane and Engine Mechanic (later changed to crew of Sleepy Time Gal)

I was part of the ground crew on #20, Rhode Island Red. I will tell you what I can remember about it.

Rhode Island Red

Rhode Island Red

#20 flew very few missions and was one of the first planes flown from the United States by the group.

It flew very few missions due to mechanical problems.  Later ran short of fuel returning from a mission and crashed south of Torretta.  It was repaired and flown back to the field.

Later it crashed while flying to England for supplies for the Group.  I don’t know the details of this crash.  It was replaced by the Judy R.

Judy R. flew 38 missions and was flown on her last mission by Captain Robert T. Chalmers.  This mission story is in the February 1987 issue of the Liberaider.

Judy R. was replaced by Rhode Island Red II.

R. E. Fox, Jr.


Courtesy of Wendy Fox Dial

Maurice Young painting nose art of 41-28737, Rhode Island Red

Rhode Island Red II
Rhode Island Red II
Rhode Island Red II engine change
Rhode Island Red II undergoing an engine change.