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461st Bombardment Group (H)

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461st Personnel Not Returned

Due to the number of inquiries from family members seeking service information, we now have available a version of the roster which contains Name, Serial Number, MOS Number, Crew Number, Squadron, and date of assignment to the 461st.  Further information may be had by writing to either the Group Historian or the Webmaster.  Requests for address information on living members will be forwarded to the Group member for action on his own.

Squadron and group officers

Thanks to John Iconis

Squadron and Group Officers w/o Group Commander at Gowen Field, Boise, Idaho 1943.

Seated L-R: Murphy, Benjamin S. (765th Bomb); Darden, William H. (766th); Sandall, John C. (765th CO); Grogan, Edwin W. (Grp Exec); Smith, Robert E. (Deputy Grp CO); Scott, R Foster (Grp Adj); Burke, William (Grp Oper); Leffler, George V. (Grp Bomb); Glenn, Royce B. (767th CO); Witte, Albert O. (764th CO); Joyce, John P. (764th Exec); Sheafe, Harry (Eng Off)

Second Row L-R: Stiles, Richard H. (766th Bomb); ?????; ?????; ?????; ?????; Dubal, Robert (765th Bomb); ?????; Iconis, John D. (764th Bomb); ?????; ?????; ?????; Wagener, John A. (Grp Comm)

Back Row L-R: ?????; Woodard, Floyd W.; ?????; ?????; ?????; ?????; ?????; ?????; ?????; ?????

Squadron and group commanders

L-R: Maj. James B. Knapp, 767th Sq CO; Maj. Robert E. Applegate, 765th Sq CO; Lt. Col. Phillip R Hawes, Dep Gp CO; Col. Frederic E. Glantzberg, Gp CO; Capt. James C. Dooley, 766th Sq CO; Capt. Edwin T. Goree, 764th Sq CO

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