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764th Squadron News 1944

USA lineThis is the story of a B-24-H Army 42-52458 more commonly known to us who have an interest in her future as #13.  Her name has become a squadron symbol - yes - even an inspiration.  Now let me tell you the story of how she was acquired by the 764th, and some of the highlights of her career.  Chippiedall is a product of Henry Ford - built in his Willow Run plant, and later sent to Fort Worth for modification.  She was ferried to Hammer Field with less than 25 hours on her, and nearly assigned to the 767th, but it so happened that her pilot was quicker on the draw and through fast action and maneuvering was finally assigned to the 764th, where she was designated #13 after her crew who was to fly her.  The shake-down flights were very satisfactory and her crew Chief M/Sgt. James Hardy, who must be credited for the greater part of her present success acclaimed her a fine ship and predicted a great future in store for her.

Early in February after being outfitted for combat at Hamilton Field, she started on her first leg of the flight to the combat area.  Flown by her crew, and carrying the crew chief and 3 extra passengers, she made a series of flights without a hold over to the Port of Embarkation.  Then on over water and dense jungles without even faltering she went, making an enviable record.  The reputation she has made in combat speaks for itself.  As of this date, she has flown 27 sorties in succession, a record, to our knowledge, which hasn't been equaled in this Air Force.  But not without a few tense moments, and times of anxious anticipation.  There was, for instance, the time she returned with 3 large holes in #2 gas cell - caused by flak.  But, a faithful and kindly engineering staff had her ready to go the following day after an almost impossible all night job.  Then the time when she must have an engine change.  But again our boys had her ready to fly the next mission.  Her crew feels she is flying under a lucky star.  Perhaps it's the good God's graciousness, nevertheless we all look forward to her future and would like to see her go back home to symbolize the spirit and effectiveness of the 764th Bomb Squadron.

Long may she fly.

USA line

There are countless tales of men and their deeds,

How our Sailors and Navy have conquered the seas.

How our Marines had landed and taken the Isles,

How the infantry chased the Nazis for miles.

Now there's a tale to be told to each one and all

Of a B-Twenty-Four which we call Chippiedall.

There wasn't a bomb run she wouldn't make

And there wasn't a flaking that she couldn't take.

She had that old spirit of do or die,

And the day never past that she wouldn't fly.

A record had been set by a ship gone before,

But Chippie would tie it and then add some more.

So she started to fly every mission as planned,

She flew like a veteran and expertly manned,

Came thru every one with her head flying high

To land in the pink and still ready to fly.

USA line

Editor's Note:  Chippie flew the first 31 consecutive Group missions.  She flew 37 of the first 44 before going down over Yugoslavia on Number 44.