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Reviewer: J.D. from Bound Brook, NJ United States

I highly recommend this book for readers of any age. However it was particularly interesting to me as a fellow member of the same squadron and group. We were both on many of the same missions and his recollections matched my own. An excellent contrast of what bomb raids were like in those days with 700-800 bombers compared to more precision bombing done today with far, far fewer planes.
The first half of the book describes life in the 20's, 30's and 40's in Texas. Although my experiences were in NJ many were similar and for those not living in those times a glimpse of what it was like.

Reviewer: J.C. from Laie, HI USA

I really enjoyed reading about this young boy's life in east Texas during the Depression. Gives one a good idea of what life was really like back then. The small town boy then grows up to go fight in a world war as a bomber pilot. Interesting accounts of each mission he flew over Europe. A well-written book.

Reviewer: A reader from Nottingham, NH USA.

This is a fascinating story of a boy growing up in Nacogdoches, a small town located along the historical Old Spanish Trail in East Texas. The author writes about his school memories and his boyhood adventures as he grew up to become a bomber pilot in World War II. He then describes in detail his 35 bombing missions over various cities in Europe and his meeting a beautiful young Italian girl who returned with him to the U.S. as his wife. It is a spellbinding accounting of the author's journey from childhood during the Great Depression to a devastating war in Europe and his safe return home with an Italian bride.

Reviewer: H.J.G. from Gunnison, CO USA
With a special interest in World War II and the 461st Bombardment Group in particular, I found this book excellent. Most of the men who fought during WWII were in their late teens and early 20s. It's amazing to be able to read about their activities.

Reviewer: Author/Book Reviewer Denise Clark: CLICK HERE.