461st plaque

461st Bombardment Group (H)

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CO Photo Album

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I recently came across a photo album maintained by the 461st Commanding Officer, Col. Frederic E. Glantzberg.  I thought everyone would be interested in seeing what Col. G had as keepsakes from the 461st days.  I recognize some of the pictures, but some of them need a little explanation.  If you recognize a picture and can supply a caption, please let me know.  You can click on each picture to get a larger view.

G-91-1 G-91-2
G-92-1 G-92-2
G-93-1 G-93-2
G-94-1 G-94-2
G-95-1 G-95-2
G-96-1 G-96-2
G-97-1 G-97-2
G-98-1 G-98-2
G-99-1 G-99-2
G-100-1 G-100-2