461st plaque

461st Bombardment Group (H)

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CO Photo Album

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I recently came across a photo album maintained by the 461st Commanding Officer, Col. Frederic E. Glantzberg.  I thought everyone would be interested in seeing what Col. G had as keepsakes from the 461st days.  I recognize some of the pictures, but some of them need a little explanation.  If you recognize a picture and can supply a caption, please let me know.  You can click on each picture to get a larger view.

G-31-1 G-31-2
G-31-3 G-31-4
G-32-1 G-32-2

The General's first visit.

(L-R: Maj. Scott; Lt. Col. Grogan; Lt. Col. Hawes; Maj Gen. Nathan E. Twining; Col. William L. Lee)

13 April 1944


Staff Navigators

(L-R: Lt. Coles; Lt. Dusenberry; Capt. Pruitt; Lt. DeWitt; Lt. Gombossy)


Operations Officers

(L-R): Lt. Kollenborn; Lt. Tallant; Lt. Franklin; Capt. Dickinson; Capt. McQuillan; Maj. Burke; Capt. Word; Lt. Dahlander; Capt. Bock; Capt. Horstmann

G-33-1 G-33-2

Staff Bombardiers

(L-R: Lt. Iconis; Lt. Faherty; Lt. Leffler; Lt. Murphy; Lt. Stiles)


Flight Leader Pilots

(Front row L-R: Lt. Bean; Lt. Nixon; Lt. Veiluva; Lt. Wallace; Lt. Alkire

Middle row L-R: Lt. Strong; Lt. Stevens; Lt. Walters; Lt. Donovan; Lt. MacDougall

Back row L-R: Lt. Peterson; Lt.Mixson; Lt. Specht; Lt. Woodard; Lt. Bauman)


Torretta Field was located on the grounds of a large farm owned by the Baron Michele Zezza.  This photo is from the collection of Col. Phillip Hawes, and the caption on the back reads - "The old fellow is the baron".  Then we have the prince (Diego De Vera d’Aragona), princess (Livia) and their son (Ramiro), Fritz and I and Caroselli.  Lt. Caroselli was lost in action two days after this photo was taken.

G-34-1 G-34-2
Col. Frederic E. Glantzberg
Why should Philip R. Hawes be so happy?
Col. Frederic E. Glantzberg
G-35-3 G-35-4
Col. Frederic E. Glantzberg waving goodbye to the 461st
G-40-1 G-40-2
G-40-3 G-40-4