461st plaque

461st Bombardment Group (H)

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CO Photo Album

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I recently came across a photo album maintained by the 461st Commanding Officer, Col. Frederic E. Glantzberg.  I thought everyone would be interested in seeing what Col. G had as keepsakes from the 461st days.  I recognize some of the pictures, but some of them need a little explanation.  If you recognize a picture and can supply a caption, please let me know.  You can click on each picture to get a larger view.

G-101-1 G-101-2
G-102-1 G-102-2
G-103-1 G-103-2
G-104-1 G-105-1

Col. Glantzberg

Enhanced by Gerry Kersey 

Col. Frederic E. Glantzberg

Commanding Officer 461st Bomb Group


Capt. Edwin T. Goree

764th Bomb Squadron Commanding Officer


Lt. Col. Robert E. Applegate

765th Bomb Squadron Commanding Officer


Capt. James C. Dooley

766th Bomb Squadron Commanding Officer


Lt. Col. James B. Knapp

767th Bomb Squadron Commanding Officer


Lt. Col. James B. Knapp

767th Bomb Squadron Commanding Officer


Crew #64

Standing L-R: S/Sgt. Harvey K. Holder (E & G); T/Sgt. Richard A. Carney (TG); Sgt. Walter G. Dial (BTG); S/Sgt. Hardy D. Brogoitti (RO & G); S/Sgt. Schiferwiller (WG); S/Sgt. Henry L. Schamel (NG)

Squatting L-R: Lt. Harold B. Strong, Jr. (P); Lt. R. B. Evans (CP); Lt. Paul B. Sullivan, Jr. (N); Lt. Jack H. King (B)


Crew #63

Standing L-R: Lepic, Otto A. (B); Smith, Cecil (N); Fitzpatrick, John P. (CP); Walters, Robert W. (P); Cheek, Dennis M. (RO)

Squatting L-R: Tyler, George N.; Ashbrook, Walter J. (NG); Vargo, Charles; Lucas, Francis J. (BG); Helms, Jeffery C. (TG)


Crew #65

Standing L-R: McKinney, Seth (E); Hudson, Hoyette S. (TG); Moreau, Norbert I. (BG) [KIA]; Brown, Teddy (RO); Graden, Leonard A. (NG); McPeck, George I. (G)

Kneeling L-R: Torres, Mattias M. (P); Cash, Leonard P. (CP); Blackie (Mascot); Thorne, Robert F. (N); Lima, John B. (B)


Crew #67

Aldredge, Ausbon E. (P)

Boston, Joseph H. (CP)

Ferguson, Paul E. (N)

Kennedy, James L. (B)

Caldwell, Richard L. (G)

Carpenter, Maywood (E/G)

Catanzaro, Michael J. (RO/G)

Custer, Lawrence B. (G)

Hatch, James A. (G)

Spencer, Lesley C. (G)